Tiling an image

how do I tile an image on the form making it look like a background?
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www.planet-source-code.com is superb for these kind of standardized tasks. There are some additional codes too to archieve tiled bitmaps but this seems to be the most popular.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
I have this code to tile a bitmap from an image on a form:

Public Sub PaintBackground(ByRef pfrmDestination As Form)
Dim intFormHeight As Integer
Dim intFormWidth As Integer
Dim intImgHeight As Integer
Dim intImgWidth As Integer
Dim intX As Integer
Dim intY As Integer

    intFormHeight = pfrmDestination.Height
    intFormWidth = pfrmDestination.Width
    intImgWidth = frmAccueil.imgBackGround.Width
    intImgHeight = frmAccueil.imgBackGround.Height
    For intX = 0 To intFormWidth Step intImgWidth
        For intY = 0 To intFormHeight Step intImgHeight
'            Debug.Print intX & " - " & intY
            pfrmDestination.PaintPicture frmAccueil.imgBackGround, intX, intY
        Next intY
    Next intX
''    'tile left side (Method 2)
'    For intY = 0 To intFrmHeight Step intImgHeight
'        PaintPicture imgBackGround, 0, intY
'    Next intY
End Sub

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'tile an image on a form

'1) Place an image control on a form and give it a picture
'2) Set the forms AutoRedraw to False
'3) Place this code in the Form Paint Event

Dim intX As Integer
Dim intY As Integer

For intX = 0 To Me.Width Step Image1.Width
          For intY = 0 To Me.Height Step Image1.Height
              PaintPicture Image1, intX, intY
          Next intY
Next intX
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mhdhallakAuthor Commented:
This is for emoreau,

I used your code and it did tile the image except that there was a little small gap between the tiled images.

Where specifically in your code can you delete this gap?

(Note: The gap is not caused by the image because the image tiled perfectly when I used it as a wallpaper.
emoreau uses imgBackGround.Height and .Width. What you should use is imgBackGround.Picture.Height and imgBackGround.Picture.Width. Or make sure the image control is borderless and autosizing.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Oh yes, as Jeremy_D said, my Picture control (imgBackGround) is set to AutoSize.
You can also just add the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object library to your project and use the Image control that comes with the library.  There is a PictureTiling Property that you can set to true.

The picure will automatically be tiled to whatever the image size is...

You can add this to your project by right-clicking the toolbox and selecting "Components..." then select Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object library from the list.

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