Calling a Crystal Report or Store Procedure

Hi There I got this problem:

I have a SQL 6.5, Crystal 5 and Visual Basic 5.

On the SQL a i have store procedure these SP's are link to a Crystal report, so how can i call'em or link to Visual Basic, i'm using ODBC for the connection.

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syleshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ,
Since U r Using visual basic 5 , just drag n drop a crystal report control to u r form or add the reference of crystal report to U r project.

Then go to the properties of cryrep control set the reportfilename prop to u r customised report name( either dynamically or at design time)
and necessary password.

from  visual baisc say

crystalreport1.action = 1

mavi740218Author Commented:
ok, that's fine, can i do someting simlilar with the store procedure or i don't need to us it,

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