Video card installation problem

Anyone has an idea how to install a Creative Savage4 32MB display card into Linux?
It is not in the video card list. Should i choose unlisted card?
which Xserver should i choose?
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KURGANConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I propose you to use the "SuperProbe" command. It gives you the driver, memmory etcc that the sistem detects. Then you can make a XF86Cobfig file with this results.
Anyway you probably need to install a new release of XFree86. You can read the supported cards of the newest release in this web page:
I hope this can help you.
trust me if u have the latest and greatest card if will have some amount of trouble configuring it for linux .
so your best option would be to call your pc vendor or read the video card manual verrrry carefully and then choose the right X-Server and Accerlerated Servers.
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