placing a hypertext link from my desktop in my start menu

I'd like to see how I could put a link to the US Navy observatory clock in my windows start menu..

it sits at:

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eekittenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Very simple. The steps are:

1. Right-click on Windows toolbar and select "Properties"
2. Go to "Start Menu Programs" tab
3. Click "Adanced"
4. Select "Start menu" in a left pane (tree)
5. In the right pane, right-click on a white space and select "New" -> "Shortcut"
6. In "Create Shotrcut" dialog, enter your URL as a "Command line", and press "Next"
7. As a name of the shortcut, type "US Navy observatory clock" (or whatever else)

That's it!
Let me suggest a slightly different approach that accomplishes the same outcome. (I assume what you'd like to have is your computer clocked synchronized with a time server so you maintain and accurate time on your computer.)

Head to the following URL:

and download CMDTIME.  "Cmdtime is an extremely easy-to-use command-line utility for synchronizing time over the Internet. It uses fast and reliable Simple Network Time Protocol. It's designed to use either standalone, or in batch-files, or with external shedulers."

Set the program up in a simple one line BAT file:


Finally stick a shortcut to that BAT file into your startup menu.

Of course, you better be on a network that gives you full time access to the Internet if you actually want this to work from your start menu. If you're using Dial-Up Networking you'll have to manually establish a connection before running the BAT file.
I guess I misread the original question. I had thought mercytom had wanted a way to have the time synchronized automatically at startup. eekiten has answered the exact question posed, though I don't know if that was really the exact question intended.
mercytomAuthor Commented:
Thank you all
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