How can I make a MDIMainForm like MS. Word?

I used ControlBar and toolBar to make MDiMainForm Menu in order to like MS.Word,but when the MDIChildForm Maximised ,it's Icon and Sysmenu Hided behide toolbar,how can I Show Icon and SysMenu of MdiChildForm on the ToolBar.
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi lly_soft,

just add a tmainmenu-component in your mainform (must not have any menupoints)

this will not show it on the toolbar, but if the child is maximized an empty menuline will inserted between your bar and the mainform-title, which shows the icon including the systemmenu by clicking on it, also the restore, minimize, close buttons of the child are visible and accessable.

try it out

men xinCEOCommented:
i agree with kretzschmar.
lly_softAuthor Commented:
I try it ,but when ChildForm Close,it will delay on MainForm.
?? lly_soft,

what does you mean with
>it will delay on MainForm

have you filled the OnClose-event of your child-form with code like

procedure TChildForm1.FormClose(Sender: TObject; var Action: TCloseAction);
  Action := caFree; //destroy self or
//Action := caHide; //hide self

lly_softAuthor Commented:
 I filled the onClose-event of my child-form.
  I means when closing child-form ,it will first normaling then Close,so it's look like dealy sometimes on
mainform,this situation based on no item added in the additional menu.
  Later when adding Space Item in the menu,last situation disappear.
 Thank you for answer my question,do you have other ideas for me?

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