Embedded Views

I am creating a homepage with 3 frames (The top frame is the header, the lower left is where links etc are and the lower right is the display page.

  The new databasewas created using the Web Pages(R4.6) template.

I have put an embedded view -- which lists the views of the current database-- in the lower left frame.  My question is: When a view is clicked, it is displayed in the same frame as that in which the view is listed. How does one get the listed view to display in a different frame.  I have not found anywhere where I can give a taget for the output.
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Put a '$$HTMLHead' field with this value "[<Base Target='frame_name'>]" in the form where there is the embedded view.

or put this in the name of the view:

ViewName [</Title><Base Target="frame_name">} | ViewName


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Chris_mAuthor Commented:
1.0 The embedded view is not in a form; it is in a "page" of the homepage.nsf database.  Pages do not give one the opportunity of having fields as far as I am aware.

2.0  Your alternative has an opening [ and a closing }.  I tried all variations of this in the Name field of the Properties For: view dialog box of an existing view without success; all I get is the error

"An operator or semi-colon was expected but none was encountered: lowerR".

 I also created a new view and entered the name as you suggested  i.e.:

testview [</TITLE><BASE TARGET="lowerR">] | Test

 and got the same result. (I presume the vertical bar is the alias of the viewname).  Incidently, why is </TITLE> there?  
yes sorry about the { it should be ].
yes the bar is for the alias.if u create a page (not with html) u can create fields on it.
try this:
Test [</TITLE><BASE TARGET="lowerR">] | Test

I had to answer u fast, coz I'm busy, I will get back to u after a few hours.
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I think this option works in navigators, I though it might have some effect in views.  Anyway the best bet is to use the $$HTMLHead fiels with the default value I specified above.  To do it, just create a page in the web pages db not using HTML, like creating a form.
Chris_mAuthor Commented:
In a database created using the Web Pages(R4.6) template, I only have the option of creating a New Page or New Page Using HTML.  Neither of these options give me the opportunity to create a field (as I would have in a form).  In the Creat/Design menu, I do have the option to create a shared field, but I don't think that is what you mean.  
Hi Chris,
yeah u r right, I'm sorry I forgot that the whole thing is just an RTF.  I'm not sure if this will work, but try it.  write in the beginning of the field, <Base Target="name"> highlight it and specify as pass-thru HTML. or just surround the thing with [].  Try it both ways, but I think this must go in the header of the HTML.  Test and see.  The frames issue is really confusing thats why in R5, they have some new funtions like: @SetTragetFrame
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