Windows NT internals

How are set time and get time functions implemented in WIN Nt ? ie, How is the system time set and retrieved ?
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In the WinAPI?
or VBA
or Command Line?

More info plse.
The date is stored in the RTC (real-time-clock) on your system motherboard.  DOS programs can read/write the clock by acessing it's IO ports directly but NT can't do that.  The HAL (hardware abstraction layer) for NT, is an interface to the standard hardware needed to boot/run the computer.  From NT's view, this is essentially a device driver.  The lowest level of the HAL knows how to read/write the IO ports of the RTC on the motherboard.  So the high-level Win32 date/time functions eventually filter their way down to a call to the hardware to get/set the time.

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