I want to append records to a table using the ADO Recordset. I create my recordset with SELECT * FROM Tablename. The problem is this retrieves all the records before I can do my AddNew's and some tables are massive! How can I do this without retrieving any records? How do you use the "Append-only Rowset" property?
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It depends on the Provider you are using - it may not support opening recordsets as append-only.

Are you using Command objects or RecordSet objects to open the recordset ?
The following code snippet might help (no guarantees that it will work)

'assumes connected to datasource using  
'ADODB.Connection "conn"
set myrecordset = new adodb.recordset
set myrecordset.activeconnection = conn

'if you examine (watch) the properties collection of
'MyRecordSet here, you should see whether the
'"append only rowset" property is supported/listed
'under Jet 4.0 provider it was property 55 or so"Append only rowset").value = true
call"select * from TABLE")


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select * from customermaster where 1=2
Give some condition like the above one, which is not matched (1 can never be equal to 2). Hence you always get an empty recordset.

You can add records to this recordset.
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