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adding a menu to borland C++ project

I have made a simple windowsprogram, I am using borland C++ 5.0. I now want to add a simple menu, I have generated a menu using resource workshop, it generates a .rc file, compiling it generates a .res file. I have specified the name of the menu when defining the window class. But I guess I'm missing something, I get no menu! Pleas help!
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If you use OWL:
in you InitMainWindow() function.
ID_MAINMENU must be in you RC file:

In plain Window may be something as:
#pragma argsused
int PASCAL WinMain (HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
          LPSTR lpszCmd, int nCmdShow)
   static char szAppName[] = "CHelp" ;
   HWND        hwnd ;
   MSG         msg ;
   WNDCLASS    wndclass ;
   HANDLE    hAccel;

   if (!hPrevInstance)
      wndclass.lpszMenuName  = MAKEINTRESOURCE(ID_MAINMENU  );

      RegisterClass (&wndclass) ;
In Console/EasyWin Apps : without menu.
Test you Borlandc Examples (or i can send you some full project: write you
I hope, it helps. Alex


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sa9813Author Commented:
Is it okey if I send you my project and you can look? It's very straightforward...
You can send me you project to
alexvirochovsky@yahoo.com and
ask you question and i9 allway reply. But i want ask you: you evaluate my reply in "D" grade. Why and what wrong in my reply?

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