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i load up a file from someones computer onto my server
in the "files of type" drop down menu in the file upload
box how can i make sure that only .txt extensions are searched for?
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The dialog box is displayed by the browser when the user clikcs on the Browse button. Not all browsers behave in the same way in this case. Some older browsers do not even display the Browse button, forcing the user to enter the full path name of the file being uploaded.

I don't think you can control the options in the dialog box from a CGI script or using any HTML code.

One think you can do is read the file name first and check the extension if it is the wanted one and display an error page it its not.
paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
sounds good any idea how to incorporate it into the code in the other question?
$fileName = $myCGI->param('fileName');
if (!$fileName) {
    print $myCGI->p("Sorry, your submission didn't include an upload.");
} elsif ($fileName !~ m/\.txt$/i) {  # check the extension
    print $myCGI->p("Sorry, Only text files are accepted.");
} else {

# process the upload


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paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
brilliant thanks
paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
it always thinks that its not a .txt file when
i have that as my first clause in checking the file.....
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