Driver not capable

VC++6 and oracle 7.3:

When I try opening a recordset with select statement I get this message in debug window.
Driver not capable
State:S1C00,Native:0,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle]
Does this mean that I dont have a connection to Database ?
Does it mean I didnt define odbc correct?
If you have any good tips on this please
let me know.

Thank you very much.

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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually this type of error means that you've requested a feature in your program that is not supported by the ODBC driver for the database or is not supported in the database itself.  Check the SELECT statement itself against the capabilities of the Oracle release you are running.
Does odbc work with Oracle?
I normally use other methods involving sqlnet
Info_user100Author Commented:
jhance, you are  right, but even though
it gives me this message I am still able to retrieve a recordset.
I am willing to give you these points.

mjswart, yes I use Microsoft odbc driver for Oracle. It is one of the choices from ODBC32/system dsn on my machine.
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