How can i give certain super rights like shutdown to certains users so that even if the administrator is not there these people can perform those things
Please let me know
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The easiest way: SUID the files or apps. you want normal users access with superuser rights.

The best way (im linux and other unixes): using sudo, the application that allows only certain users (not all as SUID does) to obtain root privileges.

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tummaAuthor Commented:
I am not getting the picture as what u are saying can u be more clear and descriptive please


What you want is to give some users Superuser rigths, don't you?
The first way, is to use a special bit called SUID. when this bit is enabled (see for more details man chmod and family). When this bit is setted, the application will run with the privileges of the owner of the file. It means that if root is the owner, and a normal users has execute persmission... it will run like root is executing it (it's valid for all users..)

  The second way, is using sudo. Sudo works almost the same way as SUID bit, but it gives to the sysadmin more control on who is executing what. There is a configuration file where you can specify who can execute what... (more details sudo documentation.. or simply mansudo)
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