Com Port settings problem

I'm trying to set up my Palm pilot software. I have my external Modem on Com 1 irq 4. When I go to device manager it shows that comm 2 is set with irq 10 and that it is working properly. During the palm pilot software install it prompts you to select a comm port. Of course com 1 shows as being OK but comm's 2,3,4 show as not available.

Any suggestions

The palm cable is properly attached to my computer.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.  What kind of computer you've?
2.  Go to the CMOS/BIOS, checking if you've disabled the plug and play function or if the IRQ for com ports has disabled or not properly setting up.
3.  Go to the control panel, system, device manager, view devices by type, expand the Ports (COM & LPT), how many Communications Ports are there?  

     Click the properties button. Select the IRQ, see the interrupt table. What is listed for the IRQ4 and IRQ3?

gordmAuthor Commented:
I have a Celeron 300A,128MB ram,3 hd's,SCSI CD Writer, SCSI CD Rom, AGP Video card 16mb, SB Awe64.

I checked Devices-Comm ports and it shows Comm 1 & 2 available only.

I will now check my BIOS settings and get back to you.
gordmAuthor Commented:
COm 2 was disabled in BIOS Settings. I have a BH6 Abit MB and I set it to AUTO. It now works fine.

THank you
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
gordm, nice to hear it solved. Thank you for your A grade.   ;p)    pslh
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