Win 98 invariably crashes while on-line

Setting: 64kb, Win98, LT Win modem, always connect at 46,6kbps.  After a while after connect the M$ monster child will crash (time varies from 1 min after connect to up to 2 hrs).  Doesn't display any "Kill me to spare me pain!" messages.  Just freezes for a second, a couple of horrisontal streaks appear on the screen, and then the box reboots.

Haven't had that problem before.  Since then I've installed Communicator 4.7, in addition to IE5 with tools (in order to develop my web page for both browsers), and after that Outlook express forgot how to save passwords for email accounts.  

I'm not totally sure, but I think Windoze crashes primarily while displaying IE window.  The connection as a whole has become quite bad, too, in terms of contacting my ISP to do a request.  For a while it'll work quite well: click -> request sent -> result received, but more often than not it'll go: click -> request ...-> request ...-> hey, are you asleep? ...-> common, wake up! ...-> finally! -> request sent -> result received.

If it wasn't for my wife, I would've long ago trashed the whole damn thing and switched exclusively to my Red Hat Linux.  But, oh well.  By the way, could you suggest an external modem that will let me have the same connection speed with Linux?  I guess it would have to be a 56 modem?  Or higher?

Thanks for any help.  And I like your point system.  I wish I had more points to spere, but all I have is 55.

I have a collection of M$ jokes under "My Micro$oft" on my web page (, if anyone's interested.
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mpakhutkinAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
mpakhutkinAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
I work for a major computer manufacturer who is currently researching an issue very similar to the one you describe.  There are a few things which we have tried and seem to be working OK.

First of all, the problem is due to the modem (an LTWinmodem) and relates to how it works with the motherboard.  Here's some things you can check before going to a new modem.

1.  One thing we noticed was the modem data compression is set up for Hardware compression instead of Software compression (Xon/Xoff).  We changed this over in modem properties and the rebooting while online stopped.  We tested extensively, trying to force it to reboot while online for over 12 hours and we encountered no further rebooting.  
2.  Another thing noticed was removing the modem and s/c drivers then reloading them manually.  First the Modem, then the sound card.  By doing this, we felt it allowed for the modem resources to be set up correctly first, then load the sound card drivers manually.  It seems to be a resource allocation control problem.  We tested by playing 3D games on it, no problems encountered either.
3. We also noticed that devices up in the first PCI slot (next to the AGP slot), have a hard time being detected.  It may be due to both slots sharing resources and conflicting with each other.  When he moved the modem to another slot,  those devices were immediately seen and configured properly.  Looks like a PCI steering or resource management issue.

Give these things a shot and let me know if you need help with any of it.  Also, let me know exactly what happens as it might help me.  What kind of computer is this?

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mpakhutkinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for advice, 1cell.  I'll be sure to try the simler ones tonight when I'm home and I'll post you of the result.  The uninstall one sounds like fun, but I'll have to postpone anything of this size till after Thanksgiving.  
Look at http://WWW.NewComInc.COM
for external, 56K, modems.

See: http://WWW.LinModems.Org
for information about *possible* support for "Optimized for Windows" under LINUX.
>>of Software compression (Xon/Xoff).

Why you're speaking of data compression while Xon/Xoff is a flow control mechanism?
aaa, whatever, you know what i mean
mpakhutkinAuthor Commented:
Well, all I did was change the flow control to software and it doesn't seem to crash anymore.  It does have problems maintaining a connection, but only sometimes and after a while of inactivity.

1cell, the computer is HP Pavilion, don't know if it tells you anything.  It says AuthenticAMD, AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor, Intel MMX(tm) Technology, 62.0MB RAM.  For sound I have Crystal PnP Audio System.  And the Windows distributive files come prepackaged so I can't control what's being installed and in what order, (so your second point would seem unaccessible), pisses me off, although probably saves me a couple of blunders.  I would be more than happy to be able to take the whole thing apart, at least just to see what's inside, but my wife would have a fit as it's still under guarrantee.  Post if you need more info.

Otta, thanks for the pointer (linmodem), it's interesting.  In the very least it will help me understand the damn thing better.  I haven't had time to check out the other one, but thanks anyway, and it does look promising.

1cell gets the points.  See everyone later on the exchange.  Thanks again.
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