Mediaplayer and AVI playing on a Form

If using TMediaPlayer and setting the display of a video to a panel on a form everything works fine ... until the playing of the video is finished (or paused). Then if you switch between the applications or drag a window over the display area it doesn't get redrawn properly. Like the effect if Windows freeze and you move some windows around. Is there a solution to this that is fast?

I don't want to use Mediaplayer.step or something like this to redraw it every time and I don't also want to use ActiveMove/Windows Media Player because it needs a seperate install.

Thank you for your answer.

regards, Bostjan.
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What you could do is when the player has finished playing, copy the contents of the window to a bitmap, the redraw that back to the window whenever it gets a WM_PAINT message (of cource you would want to do nothing in the message handler while the mediaplayer was playing!)


kolarbAuthor Commented:
Well I thought of that but implementation bugs me. Since I'm giving away at least 400 points some code would be nice.

men xinCEOCommented:
i want to know...
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OK, here are some snippets to help out (to make life really easy here, lets use a TPaintBox to display the AVi in - it means we don't need to mess with any new components)!

  TheBitmap : TBitmap;
  PlayingAVI : Boolean;
  TheBitmap := TBitmap.Create;

In the OnNotify event of your TMediaPlayer do this:

with MediaPlayer1 do
  if NotifyValue = nvSuccessful then
      TheBitmap.width := ThePaintBox.width;
      TheBitmap.height := ThePaintBox.height;
      PlayingAVI := False;

In the OnPaint event of the paint box do this:

  if not PlayingAVI then

Does that sort things out a bit for you?



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kolarbAuthor Commented:
Great, thank you.

Let me test this (sorry, on monday) and notify you later.

Could you please answer me this question in the meantime: What if there is something in front of the PaintBox - like a Button for example. Does it too get captured on the bitmap?

Not 100% sure if it won't as the paintbox's canvas is really overlaid on top of the component that owns it. To make certain you could put the paintbox in a panel of its own which has a canvas proper... Try it!


kolarbAuthor Commented:
sorry, forgot to accept it..
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