Pay over web with credit card service

I would like to know of any good creditcard transaction service over the web where i could join a webspace provider or just provider for the creditcard service.

1. If you find one. What shall i do to use a product?

2. What is important?

3. What is bad with this system.

4. For you who actually have experience of this service. Does it pay of if you earlier used an ordinary (not computer)adress, where those who where interested could send an order.

Your sincerely
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0. First of all: "Why go for it:"
Simple, the clients are a click away from your product (and you are a click away from their money).
The clients could be in a different country, and hesitant to move money out of the country. On the internet it's not that far away.

Usually you want more than just the credit, you will need the site functionality. has an excelent example, and good prices.
They resell their "machine" to all the others.
Microsoft has an e-commerce solution with windows 2000. I haven't seen it yet, and don't know the details, but within a year, you'll probably be building your own sites using MS-Word and Visual Interdev (with FrontPage).
Look up the

1. They tell you how to go.
Usually it's a simple cut and paste into your site, or you get a link.
Sometimes it's free (and you pay percentage) and sometimes it's for a monthly fee and starters fee.
Go to or, and you get a free site with free e-commerce and built in credit!
Or look in
as example.
Last but not least, on your own private site you have to convince people that everythings safe.
On a large public site people feel safer. (Do you download software from or from with same ease?)

2. If you want international acceptance, find out if it's supported. (Usually not). Find out the rates, and figure if it's worth it.
Find out if the company is stable.
Search the internet to see what people say about them, outside their own site.

3a. The rates and fees.
3b. Safety: You have to be sure no-one will be taking your money. And no-one accusing you of stealing them.

4. It's different. As I said above, your selling to locals when you have an address. They have to do something more than just fill in a number (sometimes not even that) and click the submit button.

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andlaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer. Sorry for taking so long time.
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