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Problems with Linux and Windows

I installed the Caldera open Linux 1.3 version as a dual boot with Win98. However, when the install was done and rebooted I get the Powerquest bootmagic choices of win95/98 and I choose that . I load windows however , I get a blank screen that does not show any windows98 toolbars or desktops. Any ideas of what may have happend?
1 Solution
Did you install LILO?

I had a bad experience with bootmagic and duel booting. LILO handles the duel booting muxh more efficiently.

Do you have a boot disk for WIN98/95?
If you have a Windows boot Disk, boot using that and see if it works. If you don't, then create a linux boot disk using the install program and use DOS's FDISK with the "/mbr" option to reset the boot manager to the one supplied with DOS. Now boot into Windows and see if it works. If it does, stay that way and use the linux boot disk to use linux. If it doesn't, bad luck. You've managed to corrupt the msdos.sys file, and you'd better re-install Windows!

It's my recommendation that you use LILO to dual boot -- it's much better and safer than boot magic
Try the following.

Boot using a Linux bootable floppy ( I make the assumption that u can't boot Linux from LILO)

At the boot: prompt type in something like
linux root=/dev/hda2 ( or whatever partition your Linux is installed on )

Now login as root, edit the /etc/lilo.conf file to look similar to  the following:



************* EOF ***************************

In place of hda1 and hda5, make it point to the appropriate dos and linux partitions respectively.

You can find this by looking at the output of fdisk

Now run
and reboot


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