Non-proportional spacing in MS_Word

Elite is a standard regular typewriter term for 12 c.p.i. spacing. So if you type any 12 characters, it will fill 1 inch of space, no matter if it is a "." or a "Z", they both take up the same amount of space. That is called "Non-proportional spacing"


In this Question box, the dots above take up the same amount of space as the Z's (non-proportional spacing).  

After it this Q was posted, the spacing went to Proportional.


Where can I find a (complete or extensive) list of non-proportional spaced fonts available for Word?



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MacRenaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Hi MacRena

Maybe this will get you going

It's about setting a page up with a certain amount of chars a it seems it can be done with any font(??)

the cpi in your example is also called pitch in Word....


As far as I understand, the fonts are independent of the application (Word in this case). Many fonts come bundled with the basic Windows when you install it. More fonts can later be added through Control Panel. Whatever fonts are installed on your system, should be available to Word too.

Although I have not yet found an "exhaustive" list, here is a list of fixed pitch (non proportional) fonts that I can readily recall:

Courier New
Lucida Console

Hope this is of some use. Whenever I need fixed pitch fonts, I tend to use Courier New, because that seems to be the least bad-looking :-)

- stochastic

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MacRenaAuthor Commented:

Your URL was very informative, but it referred to Landscape format (like posters, etc.) but not so much for writting letters.  But thanks for it nevertheless.


Thanks for the list - that will suit my needs.

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