Making labels for binder covers

I use a PC at work, with Windows 95.  I need to make a lot
of 2" x 4" labels for my Accopress binders.  I have tried to
do it by using the "Label Wizard", but all it tells you
how to do is make mailing labels.  I need to make
one-of-a-kind BINDER labels, which I then will print out
onto sheets of peel-off labels.

I MUST be able to FORMAT *EVERY* label the way
*I* want to, *NOT* the way some puter program tells
me to.  I want to be able to choose the font and font size,
and whether or not any particular word is in bold.
I need to be able to use ALL the word-processing
applications while I am typing the labels,

I cannot find instructions on how to do this ANYWHERE
in my puter.  The "Help" function is no help at all.

I need a list of instructions, starting with one function
on the top menu bar.

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calacucciaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, I'll just post it as an answer and see what you say about it.

Bye, Geert
Using Word??

If so then read following, if not then wait.

Menu/Tools/Envelopes & Labels/Tab Labels

Print option: check "Full page of the same label"

Clcik on button "Options" to select your type of labels

If not present,click button "new label" and create your custom label (page size/label width/number of labels per page...)

Click on button "New document"

and one page of labels will appear in which you can do any formatting/word-processing you like on asmany labels of different type you like.

Hope this helps, Geert
Any news, SP_Fan ??

Did I help or is it completely wrong direction ??

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SP_fanAuthor Commented:
I am VERY sorry to be so LATE in replying to your answer.
  I have been VERY busy.  I have not yet even tried out
your answer.  Please be patient; I will give it a go at
work tomorrow.  Just had too much to do & too little
time to do it in

Check here tomorrow = Friday, Dec. 3, 1999.
SP_fanAuthor Commented:

Thank you VERY much for the answer to my question.
It worked fine.  I have been so busy that I did not get
a chance to try out your answer until Monday, Dec. 6.
I printed out your instructions, and now I can make the
labels I need.  I REALLY appreciate your patience in
waiting for my reply.

Experts exchange is the GREATEST!
SP Fan,

Thanx and no problem about the waiting, all that counts is you being helped.

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