Upgrading From Win95 to Win98

I currently am running a 1.9 gig HD (master) and a 10 gig HD (slave).  With Win95, this caused my 10gig to be partitioned into drive letters D-H with I being my cd-rom.  My question is...If I use the upgrade disk and upgrade from Win95 to Win98 will I still have the same drive letters C-I?  I want to keep my drives C-I like they are now and I don't want to have to format.  Any comments on it?
Also...my cd-rom has suddenly stoppped working.  I tried to install a new game and when I put the disk in the cd-rom never spun up.  So I went to "My Computer" and double clicked on my cd-rom drive and it told me "not accessable".  Could this be because the cd-rom drive is gone out?  Its about 3yrs old.  
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crojasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you will have the same letters, this is independent from the version of Windows you have, even if you change your partitions from FAT 16 to FAT 32 it will preserve you drive letters. Windows 9x doesn't manage in any way the letters asignments.

About you cd-rom try using an audio cd in it and try to start it using the controls in the cdrom, or just try with the IDE cable disconnected and utting a cd in the unit, the unit must do some spinning, if don't your unit may gone out.
Also try a cleaning CD to remove any dirt.

Although painfull, I would advise a clean install of Win98 which will improve the performance of windows after the upgrade. Back up all your data and make sure you have drivers for all hardware components.

If you don't wipe the machine, make sure that you un-install as many programs as you can and check/defrag all drives to make the upgrade go as smoothly as possible.
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