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I would like to have task scheduler auto-execute my Diskdfrag and Scandisk.
I've tried everything but it either still nags me or does not run at all.

a)I use "C:\WINDOWS\SCANDSKW.EXE /a /n" to have Scandisk execute but it does not start.

b)I would like to have Defrag to execute aswell without nagging me.

PS. I use WIN 95

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
- please follow settings using the Maintenance wizard or using the Task scheduler:-

You created 3 Scheduled Tasks in time-setting priority as following (1..3) as (1-earliest 3-latest):-

1)  Maintenance-ScanDisk , properties, Task - [Settings] button,
    [x] Standard (checks files and folders for errors)
    [x] Automatically fix errors.

2)  Maintenance-Disk cleanup , properties, Task - [Settings] button,
    [x] Temporary Internet Files
    [ ] Temporary Setup Files
    [ ] Downloaded Program Files
    [ ] Offline Web Pages
    [x] Recycle Bin
    [x] Old ScanDisk Files in the root folder
    [x] Temporary files
    [ ] Windows 98 Setup temporary files
    [ ] Delete Window 98 uninstall information

3)  Maintenance-Defragment programs,  properties, Task - [Settings] button,
    [x] All Hard Drives
    [x] Rearrange program files so my programs start faster

Try and let me know if it did solve your queries.  pslh

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benekeAuthor Commented:
I've done what you said on the WIN98 PC and it fixed my one problem, though I'm still stuck with the same problem on the WIN95 PC
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
beneke, currently I do not have any computers using win95.

Can you find similar in applying the theories as we have solved in win98?

Perhaps, you tell me more about what you've found in win95 and let me comprehend your environment.
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beneke, have you tried making a batch file?

IT wouldn't auto-execute per se, but you could put it on desktop and run it easily
    Win95 does not have the maintenance wizard that Win98 provides.  To achieve something similar, you'll need a 3rd party program such as the Noron Utilities from Semantec.
If this question is so urgent, why are you only offering 10 points?
benekeAuthor Commented:
C:\WINDOWS\SCANDSKW.EXE /a /n" will do
it and NOT "/n /a"

Thanks for the help!
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