how to install my video card?

I got Linux redhat version 5.0. When i install it on my system, this OS doesn't utilize my video card which is Creative RivaTNT 16Mb using Nvidia chipset as i cannot choose from the list.
But the 6.0 version it does utilize my video card.
My question is :
how to install my video card in Linux redhat version 5.0 as windows 98 can do?
Please tell me step by step as i am new to this OS.
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Redhat 5 has an older version of Xfree86 that does not have sulpport for your video card. Your best bet is to use 6.0 if you have it, or to upgrade the version of Xfree86 on the 5.0 machine. You can go to to find information and the latest version of X. Basically you just have to download the packages and unpack them in /usr/X11R6, then run xf86config.
It might be easier to just get a newer version of Redhat if you don't have it. Try - you can get a cd for around $5
01) surf to
02) get latest xfree86 sourcecode
03) compile the source & install it
04) shutdown your computer
05) take the old one out
06) put the new one in.
07) restart computer
08) run xf86config or some other xwindow config program
09) select the right chipsets and
10) startx

only 10 little steps. (or then ofcoz, you can get the newest one of your favourite linux distro and install it - should do the same)
anwar12Author Commented:
As i know that linux redhat 5.0 already has xwindows. But because my video card isn't supported, then the xwindows can not be utilized (cannot be accesed). So if i have the latest version of xfree86 can i utilize the xwindows? How to access to xwindow once i boot to linux as linux redhat 6.0.
Please tell me step by step.
Please include the commands as i am a new user of redhat.
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With You being a newbie, the simplest answer would be to re-install your linux with the newest Version of RedHat or SuSE...
btw, this question is off-topic here, topic here's networking...

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anwar12Author Commented:
If i reinstall the newest version of linux that means it would be unusefull to get the latest version of xfree86.
what i want is how to use the xfree86 after i get it.
If you get SuSE 6.3, you get the latest XFree (3.3.5) and a good tool to set up X, and to configure a graphical login screen which puts you into X right after logon...
don't know which X comes with redhat 6.1...
Iwould suggest getting the XFree86-SVGA-3.3.5.rpm.
Trying to download ALL the files from is a nightmare. You can get hold of a redhat 6.1 CD and then simply install the Xfree rpm.
This way, you should not have to re-install your entire system.
anwar12Author Commented:
ok psimation.
If u suggest me to buy the new redhat cd, i can buy. But it's not the point that i want.
the point is how to install the xfree rpm only as what u said after i have the CD.
please tell me the steps.
Do the following:

 1) Throw RedHat in the trash can, where is it's place. :)

 2) Get Slackware 7.0 and install it. IT comes with XFree86 3.3.5 which is the latest version of XFree86.

 Good luck!
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rpm -i XXXXX.rpm from the console.
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