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Dynamic Arrays in C

hi guys

I am using Visual C++ 6... what I want to achieve is a set of arrays that are dynamically created in run time by using a parameter.

For example, if param="A", then my structure would be:

static int myarray1 [SOME_SIZE] = {

else if param="B", then my structure would be:

static int myarray1 [SOME_OTHER_SIZE] = {

what would be the best way to achieve this???
Please give some simple examples...

Thanks !!!

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int *myarray1 = 0L;
void CreateBuffer(char param)
   // kill the old one
   if (myarray1!= 0L) free (myarray1);

   if (param=='A')
      myarray1 = (int *)malloc(SOME_SIZE * sizeof(int));

   if (param=='B')
      myarray1 = (int *)malloc(SOME_OTHER_SIZE * sizeof(int));
If You want not use pointers try that!

static int  myArray[];
if (param == 'A'){
  myArray = (int*)_alloca(SOME_SIZE*sizeof(int));
  if (param == 'B')
      myArray = (int*)_alloca(SOME_OTHER_SIZE*sizeof(int));

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Using pointer is better than memory allocation on the stack.

It is true but question is for static members.
I think you need little more than above answer
to taclke the problem

struct/union and malloc or new depending upon language
you are using..

definition would be like

union recordStruct
  struct ParamA
     field1 ...;
     field2 ...
  struct tagParamB
     field3 ...;
     field4 ...

once you have this defined, use malloc/free as other
guys have described earlier

Unless you have reasons to do it in C, I would suggest
using C++ classes and wrap all of this thing neatly
into the class.

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