Sparcstation 20

Can Sparcstation 20 support a harddrive with 9GH?
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If you mean 9Gb hard drive, then the answer is Yes.
It supports terrabytes worth of storage space, with RAID,
and supports the largest drives that are out there.
If your running Solaris 2+ It also supports large files.
We have a Sparc20 with a miniscule 108Gb.

The restriction is not on Sparc20, but in the OS
if you have Solaris 2.6 or above, it should
detect larger disks, but
if you are using solaris 2.5.1 or lower
you cannot detect a partition bigger than 2 GB.
You can partition the disk in smaller partitions
and still use the disk.

Since you have a Sparc20, I assume this information is sufficient for you.
We have a Sparc20 with a 108Gb hardware RAID that has 25Gig partitions.
We have 3 8Gb disks that have been registered with 8Gb partitions.
There are NO such restrictions in Solaris.
What is the source of your information?
Only trying to be helpfull.
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Thats Solaris 2.4, by the way.
I was just refering to a raw partition
with simple   UFS without a use of any
other product.
Solaris 2.5.1 had 2 GB limit for that.

When some one questions about a "9GB" disk
I assume it is a simple configuration without any RAID solution.

In this case, yes you can use a 9 GB disk, but
you wil have to partition it to use it.
InfoDoc  #  6742 from sunlsolve:

Solaris 2.x upto 2.5.1                  2GB               1TB
Solaris  2.6 onwards                    1TB               1TB

But I just tried.. and I was able to use a larger
disk partition.

Go ahead and try it.   You may be able to use a 9GB
(make sure # pins match if internal    drive )


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Partitions can be any size you like,
you don't have to partition anything, just mount slice 2.
I think you are just misleading iomar here.
The limitation you talk of is probably the size of the root partition of the boot disk.
Sorry about that.. I mixed some data. here..
9GB is fine! on 2.x in 1 slice...
its the other limits (file size) are less..
Filesystem is 1 TB in 2x.

You admit you got it wrong, but you got the grade.
Only a true SA would end up getting that result.
he he.
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