Removing space from images in CListCtrl

I am able to remove an image from an item in a CListCtrl by doing :

listctrl->SetItem(row, 0, LVIF_IMAGE, NULL,-1, 0, 0, 0);

However, this only clears the space where the image/icon should have been.  The space that it takes up is not removed, so the text is still indented.  What can I do about this?
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Hi Claus,

seems that what you want is to just delete the list control item, so use this:

listctrl->DeleteItem( row );

hope that helps,

ClausAuthor Commented:
I tried it and it doesn't make any difference.  Perhaps I should provide some more information.  I am using the CListCtrl in report view and I also print text to the items with SetItemText().  So I want the text to be shown, but not the icon and certainly not the empty space where the icon should have been!
Ok Claus, now I understand you.

To do this, only way I found out is to make your list control onwner drawn (i.e. select 'Ownder draw fixed' option in resource editor), derive a new class from CListCtrl and implement an owner draw function. An example on how to do this you can find at '' (which also makes it possible to highlight a whole row). In this sample's DrawItem() function add following

CMyList::DrawItem( LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct )
....// about 25 lines of code
// Get rectangles for drawing
CRect rcBounds, rcLabel, rcIcon;
GetItemRect(nItem, rcBounds, LVIR_BOUNDS);
GetItemRect(nItem, rcLabel, LVIR_LABEL);
GetItemRect(nItem, rcIcon, LVIR_ICON);
CRect rcCol( rcBounds );

// all above is existing code, just insert these two lines here
if ( lvi.iImage == -1 )
 rcLabel = rcBounds;

hope that helps,

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ClausAuthor Commented:
I think I have a problem there because my CListCtrl is already custom drawn.  It doesn't seem like DrawItem() is getting called at all ... anyway thanks for the help ...
If it is already owner draw list control, do you have the source code of it's CListCtrl-derived class. Do you have permission to modify it?
With a custom drawn CListCtrl, you have to use code like the following :

    *pResult = CDRF_SKIPDEFAULT;

    CString sItem = GetItemText(iRow, iCol);
    CRect rc;

    GetCellRect(iRow, iCol, LVIR_BOUNDS, rc);

    // get the device context.
    CDC *pDC= CDC::FromHandle(lvcd->nmcd.hdc);

    // paint the text centered.
    pDC->DrawText(sItem, rc, DT_LEFT);


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