Apple macintosh's new processor although is having clock speed of approx. 100 MHZ, yet is claimed to be as fast as Pentium 200 MHZ. Find out the claim of the statement. Justify the answer.
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Ok first of all you need to understand what that 100mhz means. The new macs have a 100Mhz BUS speed which means that data is transferred FROM the processor to the rest of the computer at 100mhz. Most PCs also run at this speed. Now where the "twice as fast" part comes in is here: Apple computers use 350-450mhz PowerPC processors. Intel PCs use 500-600mhz Pentuim processors. This may at first glance seem dumb..duh get the PC its faster. But what the consumer doesnt see is that the PowerPC is more EFFECIENT at what it does which makes up significantly for its lower Mhz rating. Its a smaller chip and also produces less heat. Heat lowers the effeciency of wire to conduct electricity. Pentiums run VERY hot as you may already know. Secondly pentiums use an instruction set thats vast and cumberrsome. The PowerPC chips use a very streamlined instruction set that simply gets the same information across faster. Intel got themselves into this situation by trying to keep everything backward compatible so in essence they have 8 year old technology still lurking in their chips taking up valuable space.

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