fonts list in win.ini

When I go to system tools/system information/tools/system
configuration/win.ini/fonts and click the plus sign, nothing appears
below.  Is there supposed to be a list of fonts there?

I look in the the win.ini and there is nothing listed under fonts.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:

In Windows 98, the locations for all fonts are stored only in the registry. Fonts are moved automatically when an application created for an earlier version of Windows installs a new font in the [fonts] section of Win.ini.

When Windows 98 starts, it loads the raster fonts and TrueType fonts listed in the registry. Following are descriptions of these components:

The raster fonts are resolution-dependent and are listed in the registry key named Hkey_Current_Config\Display\Fonts. This supports multiple docking scenarios for portable computers in which there can be a different resolution on the LCD screen from the one on the docking station. The master list of all possible resolutions for raster fonts is stored in the registry under the following key:

The TrueType fonts are loaded from the location specified in the following key:

Thus, you can use the Start-run, type "regedit" without the quotation, OK to open the registry editor. Inspect the path as stated above and all the fonts are there.

Let me know if you have queries.    pslh

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beagleAuthor Commented:
I looked at the registry paths you referred to.

 Under Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Fontsize
 if I just click on font size the column on the left says (default) (value not set).  There is a sub folder 120 and two folders under that system and user.  There are a few fonts listed there.
Also a subfolder 96 with system and user under that.  Again there are a few fonts listed under each subfolder.

Under the Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Fonts
in the left hand colmn is says default not set at the top and then there is a long list of fonts.

So does this look normal?  Is there suppose to be list of fonts in the win.ini or no?
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
beagle, Yes, it is normal for the font list in the registry as you listed.

There is no list of fonts in the win.ini.

However, it should be there in the win.ini for programs compatibility.

In the system configuration utility
[x] [Font]

Once you install the new fonts in the win98, it will place in the win.ini [Font] list.

However, for the next restart of your computer, the loaded new fonts will be automatically moved to the registry from the “win.ini - font list “. This makes the Win.ini Font list being emptied.
This mechanism is to reduce the win.ini size within 64KB.

This is a one of the new design of Win98 registry system in counter to the Win95.  Win98 registry is intending to move away most of the lines from system.ini and win.ini.

Thus, registry can be as large as it would be and more than 64KB ( about 4mb size ) where system.ini and win.ini remain within 64KB.

beagleAuthor Commented:
Thanks pslh for your clear and concise communication.  
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
beagle, Thank for your A grade.   ;p)   pslh
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