How to "mirror" partitions

I have a PC with two HD, one is a
4 GB and the other a 2GB.
The 4 GB has two partitions one is
FAT and the other NTFS. The 2 GB has
one NTFS partition.
Everytime I try to mirror the NTFS
partition on disk 1 with the NTFS
in disk 2 the "Fault Tolerant" menu
shows me all the options DISABLED
giving no chance to make the mirror.
Is it possible to make a mirror from
a partition into a second full disk
or does it has to be between complete

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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Remove the empty partition you want to mirror two.  Then select the one you want mirrored and the empty space.  This should give you the option to mirror.  (The non-partitioned space on the other drive must be equal to or exceed the size of the drive to be mirrored).
rcrAuthor Commented:
Thank you leew, it worked perfectly !!!
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