Whats a PING?

I just started playing Q3demo online and my buddy sez I need a good ping to
compete..........What's a ping, and what ping number am I looking
for...........I do have DSL.....
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What he meant when he said, "need a good ping" is, for your PC to have a good response time when logged on to a network.

Ping is used to measure the time it takes for the data to reach and be sent from and to your PC.

for example, run this in an MSDOS BOX :

ping -L 1472 www.internic.net

it will return the average time required for a given packet to reach your PC and from your PC to your destination.

With a DSL access to the internet, you are assured of the fastest ping response time, provided that *ALL* servers or networks that your data passes to (the route), are not lagged.

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And by the way, the number that the ping command I told you to type in an MSDOS command prompt would return, will be in milliseconds... and the lower the number, the better...
Posted this just a second too late... :)

But anyway

The number of miliseconds a packet takes to get
from your machine to another one and back is called latency.

And the way to know this is to "ping" the other machine.

You will obviously want a ping as low as possible.

The faster the packets are sent, the more accurate the map data in game are displayed to you.

Depending on the Q3 server location you should get pings ranging from 40 to whatever...


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