DCOM Security problems

I have aclient server model running perfectly fine on a single Windows NT 4.0 workstation. However, when i tranfer the cleint to a remote machine and register the proxy/stub of the server with the clients registry and try accessing the Server, I get a 'Access deined' error message, How can I by pass this error?
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basantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same problems I had faced. When I tried to run it from Administrator Account,
it solved. I could not solve it to run from normal user account.
Check whether it is working with administrator account.
noname000Author Commented:
BTW I need to access my 'server' from over the network...(internet)
I'd send an email to 'LISTSERV@DISCUSS.MICROSOFT.COM' with the body set to "SUBSCRIBE DCOM". Finish the free registration process as outlined in the email you'll receive, and then you can ask this question on the DCOM list, where hundreds of world-class DCOM experts reside (including Don Box, Keith Brown, etc.)

That's if you don't get an answer here, of course.

All the best,
noname000Author Commented:
The correct answer can be found at MSDN. It talks about the NTs ecurity along with how this can be resolved. It took me some time to detect and understand the solution.
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