RedHat & Mandrake...which is MacMillan?

MacMillan distros Linux.
On the box:
"Linux-Mandrake 6.0 (Red Hat Linux 6.0 with enhancements)"

There is a Red Hat Linux, there is a Mandrake Linux.

Am I correct in the assumption that Macmillan's distro is the Red Hat Linux with a Mandrake Kernal?

My suggestion would be for Macmillan to have a Web page that clearly outlines what its product is.
Has it done this?

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pete_perryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
nope it's mandrakes Linux completely which is redhat + enhancements
qualicoAuthor Commented:
Anyone else want to add to that?
It seems confusing that you can not go to Red Hat and get the kernal from them.
But then I guess the enhancements make that impossible.

Well Redhat is company that creates linux distribution and Mandrake base they distribution on redhat distribution.

RedHat uses Gnome as default where Mandrake uses KDE.
Now any linux distribution uses same kernel.
Macmillan sell it books
with Mandrake
The kernel is different from the distribution. Mandrake = RH + KDE, as mentioned above. This used to be the Mandrake enhencement.
qualicoAuthor Commented:
Its a two part question.
Is there any URL that points to where there is a clear explination of the distribution information?

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