Running a command on other server


I am looking for a way to run commands on a remote nt, and I need it to run as an at task.
I tried to use rclient/rcmd, but when noone is logged on - It doesn`t run because "The screen handle is invalid".

I don`t want to use the rsh-service either.

Any ideas?
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Get the AT manager on the Microsoft NT resource kit. With that application you can manage any scheduler service from any server. Then, you can run whatever you need. Remember to start the scheduler service on automatic since it's disabled by default.
You can find the resource kit software on the microsoft site.
Application need to be run as a administrator.
or use at \\computername

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stam061398Author Commented:
This is not good for me.
1. If the clocks are not synchronized, it will run by the target host time.

2. The most important - I need it to run synchronly - I need to take a file that the scripts generates, that is the reason I must know when the script has ended.
use "net time" on the server, have it run all the time so the times are synched.
You can use SOON, a line command that's similar to AT, but you write the amount of seconds to execute the command instead of the execution hour.
But, as cmarks55 said, you need to get the two computers synchronized. Or calculate yourself the time difference and input it manually in the AT or SOON command.

More. If you need to know when the script has ended in the other machine, you can use WAITFOR. It's another line command that waits until a signal is given across the network; and with the corresponding parameters you can send the signal.

Both commands, SOON and WAITFOR, come with NT Resource Kit.

Good luck :)

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