Clacking noise

For the last few days, the computer has sporadically made a clacking noise. Thorough scan disk hung up before completing and computer made these noises on and off then. I don't think it's the fan. Could it be the heads? What should I do about it? I don't mess with the innards myself.
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SiemieniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I've seen many a hrad drive pass through my hands...

The solution to your problem is pretty straightforward.  Your hard drive is failing.  

1.  Phone the place that you brought your PC, and perhaps (if it's a clone machine, and your dealer is an authorized warranty center) they will be able to copy the contents of your drive to a new one (if it's still under warranty) and you'll be on your way.

2.  If you bought it from Future Shop or Circuit City etc., bring it into them (if it's still under warranty) and they'll send it away and have it fixed (replaced).  BE WARNED - You will loose everything from your drive, backup what you must!

3.  If your PC's not under your dealers warranty, see what type of drive it is.  Sometimes the manufacturers warranty on a particular device is longer then the dealer will hold up.  That way, you can send the HDD away, and they'll give you a new one.  (ALL DATA WILL BE LOST)

4.  If that isn't so, either purchase your own drive (a plus is that you can copy your data over) or take it to a local computer store (private ones are usually nicer and will do a clone of your drive for you so you won't loose any data).

- If you do 4, make sure you keep your drive.  Although it's failing, it's impossible to tell if it will die tomorrow or next year. You can always store junk on it.

Hopefully I've helped.
truexAuthor Commented:
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truexAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I was afraid to get that answer. This hard drive failed previously and was replaced then. It's a Western Digital and I've heard that some had been recalled.
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