partiton hard drive was partitoned in 3 drives...formated c: and they were gone and the disk space with it!!!i have a 3.1 gig i have a  819 mgs hard drive..??????thanks   seeya!!
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you should try to see if FDISK shows you the drives in primary,extended partition.
otherwise, try to use partition magic, or a software called Tiramisu.
Who is the hard drive from? I'm not sure this is the problem but I have seen something similar before. Sometimes when you get a new hard drive, they give you installation software. Did you use it? If so, often this puts a small program on your hard drive that separates the disk for you. The reason is that some operating systems cannot see larger size drives and this software overcomes this limitation. At any rate, if you used the software and then booted from a floppy rather than the drive itself, you can only see part of the drive and cannot see the other partitions. You need to re-run the installation software to get them back.

Also, just to be safe, you know that you have to format the other partitions, right? If you separte the disk into 3 parts, each one is assigned a different drive letter. Most likely you have a c: d: and e:. Each needs to be formatted separately. If you want to make sure that the partions actually exist, run FDISK like doebuck said. You should have three partitions: the primary partition (C:) and two extended partitions (D: and E:). If I remember right, it's actually two steps for the extended partitions: 1) Create extended partion and 2) Create logical drive in extended partition.
easy, just use the recovery CD that usually comes with the PC you buy.
that should restore the PC back to its original condition, and then you can define the partitioning yourself as you like it.

if this sounds too much work, fdisk should give you valuable infos on how your hard disk is partitioned.

hard disk partition softwares are easier.  but if you can do it the more cost effective way, don't bother to spend those extra bucks if your hard disk is not that complicatedly managed (only one to four partitions).

however, if your hard disk is complicatedly partitioned, these software are the best for hard disk management.

finally, if you feel really pissed off, just throw that hard disk at your boss' head and buy a new one instead, and get a new job afterward.


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Maybe I'm different than everyone else but I personally don't have a "recovery CD that usually comes with the PC you buy". If this was the answer, why would surfthe have partitioned and formatted c: already?
Ithuriel, I realize you're a little new here but it is generally considered best practice to put comments unless you are just about positive you have the right answer. As for your first suggestion ,"use the recovery CD", that may work or may not. You don't even know if surfthe has one. If he does, it could have been for a specific drive and may still not work. If it does work, he can give you credit for a comment. Two of your other comments "fdisk should give you..." and "hard disk partition softwares are easier..." were already mentioned first by doebuck. The last comment "throw that hard disk at the boss's head" is new I guess but I would hope that is not the solution.
I'm not really trying to come down on you but the problem with you posting an answer is that I doubt any of the three of us have given the exact right answer. Maybe they have come close and if so, surfthe can return comments or give points as he sees fit. If not, the problem is that other "experts" usually stay away from questions that are locked so surfthe will probably be getting no more input.
hahahahaha, I am sure everybody is pretty damn sure that fdisk and partition software solve the problem mentioned.  and I never seek to claim any credit for it, surely doebuck said it first, but that being the sure answer, it is something I must spill out.  
OK, I have to admit now that I didn;t think whether surfthe has any recovery CD, but if you have one, it would solve the problem as well.
this is why:  the recovery CD contains the program that would rework your PC into the way you bought it, so if you got it with 1 partition, and then you set it into a messy 4 partitions, use the recovery CD, and the partition returns to 1 again.
see, the "boss' head" solution shouldn't be taken seriously, but it is something new, I admit  :P
yeah, so I am so desperate for points, unlike experts like you, so what?
Really? Is that what a recovery CD Does? Gee and all this time I thought they were to be used as frisbees....
Maybe I thought that if surfthe had 3 partitions he actually wanted it that way...? Guess I gave him too much credit.
Just because you want points it doesn't make it any less rude to post comments instead of answers to questions when you're not sure it is the right answer.
Look, if sufthe uses a recovery cd and that solves the problem, he can still give you the points, even on a comment. Just no need to be hoggish about it and not give others a chance to provide input.
forget the whole thing, you didn't read what I wrote down, I advised surfthe to recover his hard disk back to its original condition if he thinks his hard disk is unmanageable, and later start clean again.
it takes you so much insult to understand that?  and so much pain in the ass impressions in my side just for that?
he wants 3 partitions, but first, he has to restore his hard disk, right?
I am sure of my answer, and answer can be wrong as well.  but I am sure, that's why I put it as answer, and not comment.
o wise one!  if anyone wants to give their input, nothing stops them!  maybe I wrote too much, but your retaliation is not less.

Yes, others can provide input if they really want to but once someone has hit "answer", it moves to the "locked" area. Once there very few people look at the question any more, assuming that the answer has pretty much already been found. In the "unanswered questions" area, many others will look at it.
I did read your answer. I didn't say it was wrong. For all I know it may be the exact right thing. However, for all either of us know he may not even have a disk. I don't disagree with the answer you gave, just the fact that you are so certain that your solution is right and that everyone else's is wrong that you provided an "answer" rather than "comment". That gives others more of a chance to look at the question and gives sufthe more options.
Why didn't doebuck or I post an answer? Either of our solutions is as likely to work as yours. However, we both realized that they, like yours, may not be the solution, so decided to let others have a chance too.
It's just rude to be hoggish as you seem to be. As you put it yourself:
"yeah, so I am so desperate for points, unlike experts like you, so what?"
I was just trying to say initally in a gentle way that it is bad manners to post an answer that has such obvious holes when you could have just as easily have posted it as a comment. Don't you know you can get points for comments?? At this point it has degraded past that. I guess maybe in my last comment I was a bit sarcastic about the recovery disk thing but I took the comment about being despare for points as "Yea but I want point so I can do what ever I want to get them." Like we don't all want points...

At any rate, enough of this stupid behavior. I'm going to try not discuss that subject any more. For the record I still feel you should have posted as a comment and not an answer but this is the last of that discussion as far as I'm concerned. I hope you feel the same way.

Bad thing is have you looked at surfthe's info? Nothing personal here if you're reading this surfthe but from what I've seen in the past people who join and ask a single question the same day rarely comment or award the points. Maybe 1 in 10.

Ithuriel, As to your only real point in your last post: "he wants 3 partitions, but first, he has to restore his hard disk, right?" Yes, the disk does need to be resotred but I think you're actually going through an extra step. What is meant by restore the disk? I would have to think partition and format the disk. Well, if you do this and then partition it into 3 partitions, didn't you waste the time doing the initial one when you could have just partitioned it into 3 the first time? You will still need to re-format after partitioning. It would be even more of a waste if "restoring" from CD went all the way through the process of installing Windows just to have all the info destroyed by repartitioning. With a third party program like Partition Magic you might be able to get around this but with FDISK it destroys all data.
hmm, I am sorry, I am a newcomer here.  I really didn;t know that answering the question would lock the question.
well, now I know.  thanks man.
well, about the extra step, I thought surfthe had made mistakes when partitioning the first time.  I figured out he wanted it clean again.
but anyway, we all got carried away.
Ithuriel, glad you agree this has gone too far for both of us.
At any rate, I agree, sounds like there was probably a mistake with fdisk the first time but running it again and formatting the drives should fix it. That would give you a completely clean start. I can assure you after FDISK you got nothing left. Using the recovery disk would probably do the same thing I would guess, partition and format but it would do it the way it wanted to. If three partitions were wanted, it might just give one at which point you'd start over doing FDISK again.
Personally I don't see a whole lot of use in having three small drives, I'd prefer one big one since it's only 3.1G b total but I guess he could have a reason. For that matter I have a 10Gb that has one partition. Depends on operating system too since Fat16 will only give you 2Gb but he didn't mention that so at this point I've been assuming he wanted 3 drives.

Might be nice if surfthe would respond and see if he's tried any of the suggestions or has any other clues for us...
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