I have SANE installed, but when I type scanimage -l, then answer is 'no devices' found. I have a Scanner at my paralel port. Haow can I make this device? thank You
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have a look at SANE's list of supported devices and make sure your scanner is in there. i don't know wheather they support parallel port scanners at all.
Scanner under Linux
There should be a link /dev/scanner in /dev, that points out to the current scanner device. See an overall view over the valid device names in Devices
Here an overall view of the drivers mentioned in different sources for different scanner types. Mentioned devices:
HP Scanjet,HP Scanjet+
HP Scanjet II SCSI-Scanner
HP Scanjet Family (including 3c)
Mustek M105 Handscanner
Mustek Paragon 6000CX
Genius 4500 Handscanner
Geius GS-B105G
Epson GT6000
Fujitsu SCSI-2 Scanner
A4 Tech AC 4096
Logitech Scanman 32 / 256
Nikon Coolscan SCSI 35mm film scanner
OCR software is also available. The programme xocr can be used under X. You find it e.g. on our Linux aktuell! CDs:

Supported SCSI and not SCSI devices:
Genius 4500 Handscanner (Not SCSI) crw------- 1 root root 16, 0 Jun 4 14:39 gs4500
SCSI devices crw------- 1 root root 21, ? Jun 4 14:39 sg?
"?" stands here for numbers from 0 to 7.


Keywords: SCANNER, OCR


Feedback welcome: (Please give the following subject: SDB-scanner)


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