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I am currently trying to create a script in which I would want to find a field, but my problem is I cant find the method to know the highlighted document in a given view.  What i mean by highlighted document is the document which is enclosed in the box when you go down the view and not the document selected(with a check mark in front)

thanks in advance
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Hi Anselm,

You dont have that in the script.
Alternatively you can bring the sorted document to the UI.

The document gets opened instead of getting selected.

Or,  if you are sorting multiple documents then you can take a collection, put them in a folder and then open the folder for the user in script so that the collection is available separately for the user.


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Since the document is hightlighted then it is treated as a selected document.

If your agent is run on selected documents then it is accessible via the NotesDatabase.UnProcessedDocuments property.

Unless, other documents are selected, in which they will take priority.

If you open the current highlighted document however then you can access it via the scrip UI classes.

@Command([EditDocument]) will open the current highlighted document rather than the selected documents.

You then have access to all the fields in that document via whatever method you need.

@Command([ToolsRunMacro]; "Run once agent using UI classes");

Hope that helps

I would do the following using UI classes
Sub Initialize
dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace
dim uidoc as NotesUIDocument
dim doc as NotesDocument
dim item as NotesItem
dim stringVal as string

set uidoc=ws.CurrentDocument
if uidoc is nothing then
     msgbox "Please Expand the view
              pane, and try again"
     exit sub
end if
set doc=uidoc.document
set item=doc.getFirstItem("Name of your field")
if item is nothing then
end if

end sub

Now you have the text contained in a field in a string variable and now you can edit it.
When you've processed it and want to reassign the new value to the field do
      Call doc.replaceItemValue("Name of your field", SomeValue)
      Call doc.ComputeWithForm(False,False) do this if you need to comput fields based on the change you made.
      Call doc.Save(True,False,False)

that is all you need.
I think.
If my answer is sufficient deny Arunkumar's answer.
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