DLL in Delphi 4

I am trying to do a DLL in Delphi for an 3rd application in Visual Basic, I always worked with Delphi and i don't have trouble to do DLLs and use them in my Delphi applications, but when i am trying to use the simplest DLLs in Visual Basic i don get the parameters right ( I have checked how to call a DLL in VB and i think is right) the other think is that when i run the dll in the RegSvr32 I get an error of DllRegisterServer no beign called, I have looked in several sites and tutorials and i didn't found the right answer, please help me with this one
Thanx in advance
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Two things you need to consider:

1. Make sure your calling convention is the same in your VB app and the delphi dll. You should declare your delphi DLL procedures like this:

procedure DoSomething(AnArg : SomeType); stdcall;

2. DLLs to not need to be registered with regsvr32 - this is only for COM/ActiveX objects etc.



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hhuertaAuthor Commented:
I tried to do the same thing but now i call the dll and show in the body of the function a MessageDlg with the values of the parameters passed by VB but i get a lot of garbage in the messages and in the return value of the function i get garbage too?

I think is something with the data types, but at the moment I am using only inegers and reals.

Thank you!
Hmm.. Could you post the Delphi DLL code?

You might also want to try changing the calling convention to cdecl or pascal.


hhuertaAuthor Commented:
library datos;

  {$D 'My Application'}

  Unit2 in 'Unit2.Pas';

   MultIntD     index 1 name 'MultInt';


unit Unit2;


uses SysUtils,dialogs;

function MultIntD(X,Y:integer) : integer;  stdcall;


function MultIntD(X,Y: integer): integer;
//I Get numbers like 83452
  Result := X * Y;
{for example}

And Here is how i cal the function in VB

Declare Function MultInt Lib "datos.dll" (X, Y As Integer) As Integer

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim X%, Y%, Z%
X% = 5
Y% = 9
Z% = 0
Z% = MultInt(X%, Y%)
//I get results like -2345
Label2.Caption = Str(Z%)
End Sub
Thanx in advance, you see this is a very simple dll and I can't get it to work!!!
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