red hat dynamic partitioning algorithm

i was unsuccessful in getting the red hat linux partition magicm program to supposedly dynamically partition my root directory - partition and my home partition...  i ran out of space-0 and the program refuses to dynamically do a thing! I am confused as to what this duynamic partitioning thing is... it sems i have to tell the computer how much MB to use.. But then red hat doesn't tell me this. Anyone care to guess what i should do now?
I am totally confused...  I got a 10 GB drivalready partitioned 5GB for linux-- the other 5 gb is for win 98-- which always crashes EVERY TIME i use IE 5-- a real strange thing-- cant get IE5 to work-- neo planet is ok- but i keep getting a kernel32.dll  fault- and everything crashes...

what a joke- that Bill Gates-- buggy win 98..
Patrick O'COnnell

thanks anyone==
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crouchetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the problem is just the opposite of that. You see, PM wants to set up the Linux partitions itself, and it will need to make more than one. When it looks at your system it sees all the space is already used (5GB for Win, 5GB for Linux) so it cannot work.

Delete the Linux partition so you just have 5 GB of *free space* and 5 GB of Windoze. Then try the install.

As for Windows kernel32.dll, I have found that if that crashes I need to shut down and turn the computer off (NOT just re-boot) before it will function again. If you still have problems then either your Win98 install or your IE5 install is screwed up. Get a fresh download of IE5 first and try installing that (after turning off the machine first). If that does not fix it, I think you will have to re-install Win98 and IE5.

If you hate that kind of problem, you will like Linux.

J Crouchet
I'm assuming that you have already made two partitions for Linux and windows of 5G each. Then you have no free (as in unpartitioned) space left. You can now install the Linux distribution. how to make further partitions is indicated in the user manual.
Sorry, but no idea about IE5. Never used it:-).
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