I would like to here from a member, there opinion of the AMD product. Do AMD have a nich in the market? I have recently purchased two systems using AMD. One is k5, the other is Athlon.
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IthurielConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm, that depends on your need.
for example, people say that AMD render 50% faster than pentium processors for 3D graphic needs.
as a aspiring 3D artist, I would certainly choose AMD over pentium if this is true.
however, you need distinctive motherboard for AMD processors.  and stuffs you used to plug to your motherboard might not work here.
so consider in a more complete way.
Does AMD have a niche in the market?  Yes and it is getting bigger each day.  AMD is beating Intel to the punch on the processor market with each passing day.  AMD is the first to produce a 1GHz processor :

With the innovation that they have, they are not going away easily.  With Microsoft being in the hot water they are in, Intel is not going to make them go away either.

AMD processors are noted for being significantly faster than Intels on the majority of benchmarks.  They are affordable, even though I have noticed a recent trend by Intel dropping prices.
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