Need Administration Server?

Whitch of these notes databases need to
be set to use a administration
server? Properties under Access Control
-> Advanced.

The public address book
Mail databases

Why/ why not?
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The administration database under ACL is for the security updates by the server.  When you have multiple replicas on different server,  you might want to assign one server as the administration server.  When you post an admin request to change a user name, then that server will have the authority to change the user name in the ACL, Readers and Authors field etc.,
and pass the changes on to the other replicas.

So, not only in the names.nsf and the mail file, where ever you need the security to be administered by one server then you have to use that option.


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steinjeAuthor Commented:
You Wrote:
Server will have the authority to change the user name in the ACL, Readers and Authors field etc.

Can you be more spesific? If I rename
I user, what ACL ,reader and Auther field are we talking about?

What will not be updated when no admin server is set? An eksample please.

OK steinje,

You have a Database. You know  very well that this database has ACL built in it.  U might have set the DB ACL to have a few persons names.  And lets assume that you have a replica of this application on someother server and you post a rename request on the server

Now, When you dont have this Administration server checked then your administration process will not update these ACL entries when you post a rename request.  But if you have an administration server defined then that servers adminp task will be able to modify this database to change the old persons name to the new name.

Also if the database contains forms that has readers fields and authors fields then, the documents created with those forms that include this person name will also be processed by the adminp to change the name accordingly and replicate the changes to the other replica.

If you dont include the administration server then you will not have DB ACL updates or the Document Security Updates that are posted from the server.

Good Luck !

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steinjeAuthor Commented:
I still dont understand what readers fields and authors fields are?
Well steinje,

You can create forms, that can include fields of various datatypes.  Special datatypes for security issues are


When you create a fields with authors datatype then person who are listed in that field only will be able to edit the document.

If you include a readers field and have a person name in it,  the document will be available in the view only for that person.  Even the database manager will not see that document if he is not listed in the readers field.

The documents with these special fields have to be updated when you perform a rename request.  Otherwise, you will not be able to see the document or edit the document.

Guess this is more clear :)

steinjeAuthor Commented:
Very good!

Is this something to do with the
reader, author you can choose in the
ACL->Basics->Access list?

Or does this have another meaning?


Reader & Author Fields are security  upto the document level.  The database is top most level.  

You can have one db with multiple forms and views.  To give various security to various levels of documents we will be using the Authors and Readers fields.

Document level of security is refining the database security and not violating it.  For example,  you cannot assign a reader in the database ACL to the author for a document.

But you can promote author of one document to an Editor of another document by creating the authors Field.

You know authors can create and modify his/her own document.  If a document is created by you, I cannot modify.  But you can.  Now,  If you create a document and include an author field that contains my name, then I can edit the document.

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