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Does anyone know how to set this up correctly to send and receive to a normal ISP? I've managed to get it receive messages but it will not send them and returns the message in Oulook: 'Host cannot be found'. Any ideas?
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ChrixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must have DNS set correctly on the Exchange box.  You should have no difficulty using FTP (try FTP FTP.MICROSOFT.COM at the Command Prompt) and PINGing a URL should return the appropriate IP address.  If either of these fail it indicates that DNS is either not set up or that the IP addresses entered are not contactable.

Ask your ISP for the correct DNS addresses - other DNS servers will probably refuse your requests because you are not directly connected to their host servers.

Good luck.
Hi mshire,

the host lookup for your SMTP server name seems to going wrong.....

think this will help

for Outlook98 and also 97....let me know

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