Two IP for one NIC

My computer has one NIC.
Can I set two different subnet IPs for it?
One is legal for internet, the other is for private use.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then the 0002 entry is the right one.
You can.  See:

it's messy, however, and you might want to look at a tool like:

that makes it easier.
ginaaAuthor Commented:
In Microsoft document, it said edit registry
In this section
Find entry 0000
But in my computer, in this section only has 0002
And it's IPAddress and IPMask are all use DHCP?)
So, how do I do?
ginaaAuthor Commented:
Ok! that method works
But it just work in the first time after I reboot computer.
If I connect by the real IP, then the psudeo one will not work anymore.
I don't know it is setting problem or it's normal.
Maybe you should explain what you're trying to do.  While it's possible to set more than 1 IP address on Win9x, it's not as useful as you might think.  Win98 doesn't have the ability to route between the two networks, nor can it figure out which IP to use at a particular time.  So most of the time it's confused.

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