using linux os

I would like to use lixux, win 98 and
win nt, in my computer and  I dont know where to arrange linux and to boot the three os.
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finikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(I have a system with 98/NT/Linux).
Install first the 98, then the NT, but leave unused space for Linux partitions.
At this point your system should have NT loader
dual boot (i.e you will have a menu with NT vs 98 selection).
Now install Linux.

You have 2 choises. You can install LILO (linux loader )on master boot recored. Then when you
boot, you'll first have lilo menu, and then if you choose Windows, you'll get the old NT menu.

The second choice is to put lilo on some secondary partition, and to configure NT loader
to have 3 choices. There is a HOWTO, and I followed is step-by-step, and it works just fine.

Good Luck
Read the HOWTO. Install 98 first in either case, then NT or Linux (I'm not too sure here, I have them on separate HDDs), then the third OS.
The HOWTO should be included with your documentation /usr/docs/HOWTO. Or in a HOWTO folder on the CD.
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