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I have this problem. I write a financial software for an italian firm. In Italy thay have big numbers and they are used to put points to delimitate the number. Like: 1.000.000 is one million. Now..I have to write a routine that automatically formats the number to that format. I implemented a format routine that formats after I leave the text-box (in LostFocus event), but the client wants the formating to appera as he types the number. That is, when he typed the fourth digit a point to appear automatically.  
I tried to do this but I was unable to. Is it posible? And how?
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SiM99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using the VB function Format() on Text1_Change will work....

Text1.Text=Format(Text1.Text, "#,###,###")
Text1.SelStart = Len(Text1.Text)

This solution will also work for bigger numbers (e.g. it will change 100000000
to 100,000,000)
Have you tried the masked edit box? It's a M$ product so it ought to be installed with VB. Check the Components window.
AzmodanAuthor Commented:
yeah...i seem to have overlooked that.
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MaskEdit.Mask = "#.###.###.###"
Wonderful little thing...saves pages of if's and other jumbled code.
a 'C', ouch
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