How do you use Index Server

I have been asked to set up an IIS server that makes use of INDEX server. IIS is not my strong point so I need help. I have worked out how to install IIS and Index Server. But what I cannot work out is how do you use Index Server to make queries - do you have to access it through ASP or something ? Can anyone point me in the right direction.
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I have worked with it but don't quote me because it has been awhile, but if you run Index Server, you set it up to Index your site. Once this is done you will tell it how often it will update the index but to my knowledge there are no scripts, it is pretty much stupid proof and indexes everything at your site, I believe that you just have to give it computer names to attach to to Index. Let me check into this a little further though.

AlanTAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice on setting up Index server but I am still puzzled as to how to use the index once I have set it up. Someone at work suggested that  you have to use something called Site Manager   - do you know anything about it ?
what version of index server?

the one packaged with option pack (i think v2.0) works differently than the latest version (packaged with site server 3.0)

but in both cases, i got them to work by using the example files supplied.

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AlanTAuthor Commented:

Any information you
can give will ge appreciated .

I am using (or trying to) Index Server 2 - the one that comes with IIS4 in Option Pack 4
There should be a sample query page included on the Option Pack CD. I don't have it here (at home), but can look it up at work and send you the exact details on how to set it up. In about 12 hours.
sorry - i don't use that version anymore, but i do remember that the sample search scripts were easy enough to alter - they are well commented, and i just had to browse through them and replace the attributes with the ones for my new index, and save it off to a directory that had script permissions set.

there are three files if i recall correctly, the search form, some kind of configuration script, and an output template. (i apologise, i don't recall the details)

also, that directory needs to have "idq" extensions associated with the search engine application (in MMC, click "configuration" on home directory page, and make sure that idq is associated with idq.dll)

The basic form of access to the Index server functions is through "Queries".  These consist, in the simplest form, of
1) an HTML web page file for user query entry and response.

2) An IDQ file. an intermediary file for running the search request.

3) A HTX (HTML extension) file. This is the HTML file used to return a dataset to the user.

I've posted sample of all three files


in a file called

Reading the comments should explain alot.


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AlanTAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information plcdoc - I asked for someone to point my in the right direction and you have done exactly that. I have still got my work cut out but at least I now know where to start.
I tried to download the file, but it was'nt there anymore, if you have it can you send it to

thanks in regard of your answer...

if u want to run a program. just go to IIS server directory (ie c:\inetpub\iissamples\iissamples )then u can view some files.
these below 3 files are sample files.


then u can copy and paste the 3  files   into your virtual directory(ie d:\inetpub\wwwroot\yourdirectory)
then run your ASP file in browser(ie. http://SERVER_NAME/yourdirectory/query.asp)
 it shows a textbox and submit button.
just u type "manager" then click u  will get search result.

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