Win98 Setup problem

TRying to install win98 with CD support.  Running setup.exe from command prompt gives an error:

"Executable file too small. needs 4nn,nnn bytes"  or so.

Please help.

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ProtorianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try booting up from you cd ROM drive.
Then formatting the drive.
THen make a directory on the C:\
ex: md Win98,
if you cdrom drive letter is D

copy the setup files from the cd by typing this:

copy d:\Win98\*.* c:\win98

and run setup from there.
which command prompt?
did you format the drive?
you don't mention any details how you proceeded exactly with the process.
Try to be more vague!
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Protorian, that was a guess at best and should not have been posted as an answer.

Mlib, are you attempting to install over an existing Win98 install or is this a fresh install?

Is the Win98 CD an original Win98 CD or is it from your computer manufacturer. It sounds as though there could be one of several reasons for this.

A. The CD is damaged.
B. Your using a manufacturers CD with the incorrect executible (such as a restoration CD that IBM, Compaq etc use)
C. Your typing the commands incorrectly.

Give us more information on what you are doing and how you're attempting to do it.

mlibAuthor Commented:
If it was a guess it was a good one. The Setup ran fine from the hard drive after booting again this time without CD support.
For some reason this Setup needed more memory to execute.

I did not have time to investigate more and get to the heart of the matter. It was not my personal computer.
Whatever works for you!
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