Runtime error 3029

I am having a terrible time converting an access ver 2 DB to Access ver 97.
1. It cannot find accutil.dll. How do I get this DLL and how do I install it?
2. I get a runtime error 3029 and a message that says: Invalid account name or password. It occurs on the following line:
Set wksdb = DBEngine.createworkspace("SPECIAL", "SystemQVY", "IRPT419")
What does this line do for me anyway and how does it know the account name or password is invalid. DOes the function mathc the parameters pass to it against something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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sounds like you might have a password set up or users and groups set up for your Access 2 database.

If not, what does your Access 2 database consist of.  If its just tables and queries, and modules, it might be easier just to copy this data accross into a 'clean' Access 97 database.
I have searched the machine I'm using, (NT 4.0 with both v2.0 and '97 & ODE on it), and the machine I previously used, (Win3.11, v2.0 and Access Developer's Toolkit), and neither machine, (nor the entire network, btw), have the file accutil.dll.

Is it possible that someone wrote a dll to add functions to the application, and you haven't transferred that dll?

Is there a file on the machine with that name?

Is it possible that someone tried to get around the distribution restrictions, and renamed msau.dll?

Look for "Declare Function" or "Declare Sub" with a reference to "accutil.dll" in the declaration.

Check the account name and password strings very carefully.  Make sure that they apply to the environment in which the new mdb is running.

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carydbAuthor Commented:
thew00d, Yes the version 2 had user groups set up and the logon panel would come up as soon as you started the database. The user name and password typed in is not the same as the data in the createworkspace method I listed above.

1. How can I duplicate the ACCESS users/group security settings?

2. I tried to start from a fresh Access 97 db and import the tables, forms, etc. Once I finsihed, it complained that it could not find toolbars. How do I get tool bars and menus moved over?

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carydbAuthor Commented:
BrianWren, Yes the accutil.dll does exist on the machine that the db origionally worked on. I tried to copy it but it still says it cannot find it. Does it have to be in a specific directory. Does it have to be registered? How do I regester it?

Do I have to create a user name of
SystemQVY and password of IRPT419 in order for the createworkspace method to work? How can I see what usernames and passwords already exist in the db?
In Access, with the new DB open, Click the File menu, Get External Data, Import.

Use the dialog to select the file that contains the toolbars.

When the Import Objects dialog shows, click the Options button.

Select Menus and Toolbars.

Click the OK button, and the toolbars will be imported.

What sis you find about accutil.dll?
Sory about the question following the answer.  Just as I clicked 'Submit' I got the telltale beep telling me I had mail, and it was your post.  Where did you put the DLL?
carydbAuthor Commented:
BrianWren, I put the DLL in Windows/system. That is where it was on the system that actually works.
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