Connecting 2 PC with UTP Cable without hub.

Is there any cross linked connection that can make two computers get connected with RG45 cable without using hub ?
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bcwhiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yup!  You need a "null-ethernet" cable.

On one end, switch wires 1&2 with wires 3&6.  This crosses the TX pair with the RX pair, so the computers can talk properly.  Wires 4,5,7&8 are unused.

-- Brian
best just to purchase a crossover cable. crossing the wires manually without the proper equipment is dificult
I agree with aesop, unless you have the tools, purchase from an expert. However, if you are interested, with regard to the answer posted from bcwhite, more details may be found at:
Regards dovedove
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