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Hi. I'm using rH 6.0. Would like you experts to give a piece of advice. What book on linux do you suggest me? I live in Greece so it must be a book I can easily find here.
Thanks in advance

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if possible try to get some book from o'reilly. they have always been the best in my opinion. they are wide-spread and there are different topics.

this means that i do not suggest you a book for redhat, but a more general one instead.

the rest is hacking, how-to and man-page and kernel-doc reading... ;)
"Mastering Linux, Premium Edition" by Arman Danesh (published by Sybex) isn't bad...maybe you can order it from

Note: This book is aimed at the non-Unix user.
"Running Linux" and "Linux in a Nutshell" are excellent books by O'reilly.
you can find on the net a lot of guides - somes are now edited by O'Reilly -
Go to the LDP directory on sunsite ( Linux Documentation Project ) and you'll find guides for installation, administration, for beginners and the other.

there exist also magazines online:

The howto's are also very usefull for some precise problems.

some sites: 

(if you understand french

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