I've very recently started using Flash 4
and have just been commisioned to produce several virtual postcard animations, working to a maximum size of 480w x 360h pixels.  That's fine, the file size must not exceed 80k, uncompressed.
This is my problem, as when I've produced a very, very simple animation with out sound or bitmaps and publish it as a .swf file it exceeds 80k.
If I select the icon on the desktop and get info on it, it says the file size is 306K, yet if i publish a report on it, it say it's 68bytes. And if I email it, outlook express gives a file size of about 70k.

I don't understand what's going on, and how can I animate anything that won't exceed 80k.

I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

Hope someone can help!

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pkammConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can trust the published report on the file size. The reason the it looks like a larger file on your desktop is because of the way your harddrive allocates chunks of memory for files. Various harddrives, with various formatting will allocate minimum blocks of memory to a file, even if the file is actually smaller.

Don't worry about it. Trust the reports for your file sizes.

Note: The addition of sound to any .swf file will greatly increase the file size.
sean_gAuthor Commented:
please help!!!!!!!!!
sean_gAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much
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